Mary Khosla

Emmanuel Mission Sec.School, Sumerpur

I believe that success follows those who follow their heart, however the environment around us isn’t always suited for nurturing our passions, keeping individuals from realizing their true potential. The focus at EMS,Sumerpur is to offer 360º developments to students, giving them a nurturing environment with sufficient exposure. With the power of constantly being imbibed in academics, sports, extra-curricular and within the dorms, we ensure that the students imbibe these essential qualities, which not only help students realize their passion but equip them to achieving it in an efficient and ethical manner.Emmanuel, where learning becomes a passion…

We at Emmanuel understand that true wisdom only come from God. One may gain knowledge through books, through friends, through media but only wisdom helps a child to apply knowledge in the right way. That is why we at Emmanuel believe that, ‘The fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom’.

Emmanuel, the power of dreams…

We at Emmanuel believe that all students are equal and must make their mark within the community. We desire that our students must enter through door of knowledge and leave through door of confidence, with enquiring minds, sense of social and moral values, a sense of service and compassion for those less fortunate, a respect for nature, tolerance, a sense of honour and the attributes to become good citizens of India and the world.

We shall, on our part. very much appreciate your valuable suggestions…To us your child is unique, we are committed to groom your ward into a strong and disciplined individual who will excel in academics as well as in co curricular activities and will shape out as leaders and responsible citizens of tomorrow.

We look forward to welcome your child to EMMANUEL MISSION SCHOOL, SUMERPUR.

Wishing you God’s best in life.

Our Vision

Every Student has the ability to impact the world in a unique way. They have the opportunity to make choices that will positively affect others. At Emmanuel Mission School, we believe in providing our students with an education that excels in basic standards. We want to form a nation of intellectuals with moral strength, but that can only be achieved through younger men and women who share this vision.

Our Aim

Our aim is to develop a society with a high moral standard. We provide quality education designed to challenge students intellectually, morally and physically. The all-round development of our students is our ultimate aim