Home Work:

It is normal for students to be given homework. Homework is an integral part of the instructional strategy at EMS. It can assist the students in their quest to acquire basic knowledge and develop their critical and analytical thinking skills. Additionally, it helps them prepare for work to be done in class. Parents should encourage students to achieve mastery of concepts taught in class and should also help students to prepare for any class tests that might be given. Homework assignments are expected to be complete, accurate and neat.

Test & Examination

There will be Terminal Tests besides Half-Yearly and Annual Examinations in an academic year. The student has to clear all the tests and both the examinations for promotion to the next class. A student has to secure minimum 36% marks for III division, 48% marks for II division and 60% marks for I division. He will get distinction in a subject if he secures 75% marks.

Progress Report

Progress Report of each student is sent to his/her parents for signature after each Terminal Test/Half-yearly Examination and is to be returned to the class teacher. in case of unsatisfactory progress of his/her ward, the parent/guardian is advised to discuss the matter with the subject teacher and Principal in the interest of the ward.

Parent-Teacher Meeting

Parent-Teacher meetings are held on second Saturdays of each month during the session. Parents are requested to attend these meetings to develop home-school communication. Such meetings are an excellent forum regarding the pupil's academic progress, behaviour or altitude. Teachers are not allowed to meet individual parents during the school hours.